Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain


FM Logistic: a company driven by respect for human relations

Passing on strong human and entrepreneurial values to pass on.

FM Logistic has inherited a culture of values and high standards from its predecessors in terms of  skills and conduct within the company. Through motivated men and women, these values come to life and contribute to the performance of the company by creating a positive working atmosphere and developing a feeling of pride and belongingness to the group. Nurturing these values also means demanding high standards.

Sharing the same values

Our company culture is based on 3 values for working and succeeding together

TRUST FM Logistic


Every member of staff is important and deserves respect, consideration and kindness. With trust, people can give the best of themselves, find new energy and work cooperatively and autonomously. Trust is the basis of sustainable relations within a company, with customers and partners. It is given by principle and grows over time.



The company’s long-term ambition is based on sustainable customer satisfaction and the achievement of high-standard results. This performance is attained through the pursuit of quality, security and continuous improvement on a daily basis. Our staff members are the key to this performance through their excellence, their collective commitment and their sense of responsibility.



In an ever-changing world, the company has to constantly reinvent itself and innovate in order to provide its customers with the best services. Being open makes it possible to call existing procedures into question, by listening to all parties involved. It creates win-win relationships in a spirit of partnership and it allows employees to show initiative and creativity.