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Veena Dhamankar- Head HR India

We are recruiting the talents of tomorrow today.

Veena Dhamankar- Head HR

Do you have talent and ambition? If you do, we need you.

Whatever your background and experience, join us, be part of an international logistics leader and build your career in a dynamic business environment. Our growth to date has been rapid and robust

Our employees are our most valuable capital to us. At the heart of our corporate culture, people are the engines of our competitiveness. Developing skills of our employees, designing management system based on good relationships, and elaborated training modules allow our people opportunities to unlock their potential.

Pursuing this coherent long-term strategy, we shape a team of proactive self-disciplined people who love what they do.

At present, our top HR priority is to recruit managers and develop a stable candidates pool – that is the company's development strategy

Let's create success together!

Veena Dhamankar-2

Veena Dhamankar

Head HR