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COVID19 - Ensuring FM Logistic India stays safe


Throughout the ongoing pandemic, the health and safety of our employees have been our first priority along with customer business interests & continuity of essential supplies. FM Logistic India’s warehouses for food, medical and other essential commodities continue to work as earlier. We have taken all the necessary precautions for our staff, contractual employees and those working from the customer side in these warehouses. Our transport teams have ensured that dispatches are taking place for all the essential commodities with necessary permissions and all the precautions to ensure contactless deliveries wherever possible. We have adhered to all the rules and regulations put in place by local and state authorities.

We have a business continuity plan in place which is in coordination with our customers and this is being implemented at all our sites across India.

Through the FM Foundation, efforts are also being made to provide regular meals to our casual labourers during this time of crisis.

Globally, FM Logistic teams in France, Italy, Spain and China have been working continuously to replenish supermarkets with food & HPC products, as well as deliver medicines, toiletries and sanitizers to pharmacies and hospitals. FM employees are doing everything possible to ensure continuous supply of essentials.

FM Logistic India stands in solidarity with all those affected by this global pandemic, either directly or indirectly. We sincerely wish that the pandemic ends soon