Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain

Sustainable development

Since FM Logistic was created, a sense of responsibility has nourished its corporate culture and supported its growth

Since the beginning,  FM Logistic is focused on developing a culture where employees are given complete responsibility with accountability which supports growth. FM Group has always aimed to satisfy all of its stakeholders in a fair and sustainable way, be it employees, clients, partners, suppliers or society, while respecting the environment.

Sustainable development is a priority for FM Logistic. In order to give structure to the Sustainable Development approach and align it with our  2022 strategy, FM Logistic has drawn up a sustainable development plan based on four pillars: Social, Societal, Economic and Environmental.

The FM Foundation

On our 50th anniversary in 2016, FM Group decided to reinforce its social responsibility by creating the FM Foundation.

The objective of FM Foundation is to support, accompany and co-build social innovation projects, led by the employees of the Group, in the areas of education of underprivileged children.

The FM Foundation encourages employees to participate in various social projects.

Projects supported in India

In India, the teams have started their first solidarity action under the umbrella of FM foundation, partnering with Speed Foundation.

We selected a group of 29 young people, aged 18-25 and imparted them with 26 days of vocational training. This training was conducted by the consultants from the Speed Foundation and  FM India teams.

The programme includes 23 days of general training with modules on:

  • IT & System
  • Communication
  • English
  • Personal development
  • Operations management

After successful completion of the course, these graduates were connected with FM India teams and we monitored their progress.

Our commitments

  • Environmental commitments

    Our environmental commitments

    To reinforce the impact of its commitment to the environment, FM Logistic has integrated this into its Sustainable Development program:

    • Respect for regulations by following legal, administrative and regulatory obligations applicable to our activities
    • Prevention of pollution risks is ensured thanks to the vigilance and preventative means adopted over the whole Supply Chain
    • The use of clean technologies which best respect the environment especially in the design of our buildings and replacement of our fleet of vehicles
    • Communication about our environmental policy in order to raise awareness and involve our employees with values of good citizenship
    • Continuous improvement to periodically review our objectives and targets in a coherent way with our environmental commitments and the expectations of our stakeholders
  • At your disposal

    Our customer commitments

    To develop communication and partnerships, we listen to your needs, communicate on KPIs, define a personalized communication matrix for your daily and strategic contacts, and continuously inform you on our activities.

    As global Supply Chain experts,

    • We provide a sector-based response adapted to our clients’ markets, for the satisfaction of their customers, ensuring reliability and cost effectiveness  
    • We adapt to changes in production volumes and market needs
    • We continuously train our people to ensure a high level of service
    • We anticipate your future needs to ensure that we continue to be competitive

    Continuous improvement-focused

    We undertake to implement annual improvement plans and benchmark activities in order to develop and share good practices with our clients. 

  • Risk prevention

    Our safety commitments

    FM strives for continuous improvement of its results in matters of safety at work. In every country where FM Logistic operates, risk prevention is assured in particular by: 

    • drawing up an occupational hazard assessment plan
    • monitoring and analyzing accidents at work
    • keeping the work environment clean and tidy

    Many awareness-raising, training and empowerment activities are undertaken with employees to adopt safety behavior in their daily work. 
    In order to promote safety at work for its employees, FM Logistic recently launched “Safety First Attitude”. This approach, intended for all, consists in sharing experiences by collecting  best practices across the sites. The impact of this approach is monitored via the LTIFR (Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate) indicator, presented during Comex meetings.