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Transport & Distribution

Flexibility and reliability: our commitment to optimise your performance.

Flexibility                            Reliability                           Transparency                     Competitiveness

FM Logistic favourably stands out among its rivals due to a wide range of various services, and also thanks to its ability to organize cargo transportation by all types of rolling stock on the national and/or international level. To achieve maximum performance in the volatile market conditions and maximum optimization of delivery costs for our clients, we manage a wide network of branches and partner companies in all countries and cities where we are present.


Our distribution Management solutions are carrier neutral, comprehensive, National, multi-modal and manage orders from inception to delivery. We manage all modes (FTL, Parcel, Express, Air, Rail) and carriers with their region and lane specializations taking your specific rates into account. We can handle 20” 40” container/trailers ODC cargo. We also provide a service where we have the billing certified by a Chartered Accountant after we vet the Transporter bills. This can be a powerful tool to reduce mundane and large volume work by your company.


Our Transportation Management System helps give our customers and their clients the status of their consignments within the supply chain. Our web-based Transportation Tracking Reports allow you and your customers to view all transaction details online, whether to hubs or destination.


We put our carrier sourcing expertise to work in securing and managing the optimal combination of service providers. We have established relationships with carriers all over India. This allows us to offer a broad range of competitive freight services. We constantly evaluate carrier performance by route, region and modes.

Primary Transportation





Secondary Distribution





Our assets

An optimised transport plan

An optimised transport plan

Autonomous in terms of its partner carriers network, FM Logistic has all the independence necessary to give you good advice and optimize your transport plan.

Covering the whole distribution chain and making the most of all multi-modal transport opportunities, we bring you our professional expertise to guarantee you an efficient and responsible delivery.

Respect for the environment

Real-time tracking

Thanks to its global mastery of the supply chain, FM Logistic can rely on its integrated view of all the processes to ensure their transparency and continuous improvement.

By relying on our IT hubs for monitoring and tracking, we can optimize the running of our operations and share our information in real time. 

Real-time tracking

Intra City Deliveries & FTL Service

We provide same-day, on-demand, door-to-door delivery services using its Intra-city delivery systems. We also offer local and regional distribution services which encompass recurring, often daily, point-to-point deliveries or multi-destination deliveries that require intermediate handling. 

We also offer a full-fledged FTL service. A professional team sources and delivers quality service to you. Pricing typically depends on medium-term contracts and is driven by destination distance and frequency.