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Warehouse Management

A global vision and an international tool to enhance your competitiveness.

Our service offer in Warehousing & Handling is based on a territorial network set up to support you and your needs as closely as possible.

From design to management, our hubs are certified to accept all products, even the most demanding. Multi-client and multi-activity, they are a guarantee of flexibility and the optimisation of processes and costs. Controlled by powerful information systems, the performance of our service is the subject of constant and rigorous monitoring, so that its continuous improvement is guaranteed. 

Multi Client Logistics Facility (MCF)

FM Logistic plans to strengthen its position in India by delivering on its post GST strategy of focusing on developing multi-client logistics facilities (MCF) in the most important Indian Economic Zones.

•    Mumbai MCF

Our first of many, Multi-Client Facility (MCF) in Bhiwandi near Mumbai started Operations from Feb 2018. This state of the art facility has 250,000 SFT of warehousing space and has a storage capacity of 30,000+ pallet positions, well supported by our advanced WMS and handling equipment.

•    Delhi NCR MCF

Our Multi Client Facility (MCF) at Delhi NCR is located in Bilaspur near Gurugram. This state of the art facility has 220,000 SFT of warehousing space under single roof and has a storage capacity of 32,000+ pallet positions. This MCF has G+6 HD racks for pallet storage and mulit-tier shelving for piece level picking.

Dedicated Warehouses

FM Logistic India currently operates more than 80 dedicated warehouses to the customers in India. We offer a range of warehousing services in our dedicated warehouse. From FG Warehouse, aftermarket DCs, Regional DCs to complex inbound warehouses & line feeding operations.

 Managing Inventory Integrity

SCM performance depends on better inventory visibility and integrity. Inventory is probably the most expensive asset a company holds, and customer service is founded on inventory information. We strive to give you the correct information at all times.

We at FM Logistic India take Inventory integrity most seriously.

Accurate and reliable inventory allows you to

  • Have financial accountability for inventory
  • Reduce total inventory levels
  • Eliminate obsolete inventory
  • Improve customer service

How about inventory accuracy better than 99.95 %? FM India consistently makes it happen

We get it right first time through our layered checks embedded in the processes. “Business Inventory team" is another differentiator, which continuously monitors, regulates and improves or sustains the inventory accuracy levels.

Barcoding, Scan In /Out operations, WMS applications are enablers we use for achieving top class inventory accuracy for our customers.

Crashing transaction times

Meeting agreed transaction times allow you to meet your delivery schedules. Improving these times by increasing productivity sharpens warehouse throughput and makes your invoices payable early. Crashing times actually adds to your working capital.

We work on improving transaction cycle times by using modern Industrial Engineering techniques, as well as implementing learning achieved from experience and industry benchmarks.

On a larger plane - TTM (Time to Market), TTC (Time to Cash) etc. are our customer expectations that we have assisted them in bringing around remarkable results.

Innovative Solutions

FM India offers innovative solutions as one such value addition to our customers, where we contribute to our customer's value chain not only as a one-time value addition but of a continuing nature due to FM India tradition of improving it, with time.

Apart from the best in class performance which is a trademark Spear service, a good example is the FM India "Business Industrial Engineering" (BIE) function which adds value to our customer businesses via innovative solutions upon and around their key Warehouse and Distribution requirements of:

  • Innovative Warehouse design to enable Higher throughput at lesser costs
  • Material handling equipment and Material storage equipment
  • Selection to suit the Volume, flow (direction & magnitude) and cycle time metrics for Optimal Cost-Benefit ratio

Distribution network design based on data analysis of our customer's transaction numbers.

Continuous Improvement - Dedicated team of CI headed by a GM, to drive top down and bottom up approach

Our assets


To build the platforms of tomorrow

FM Logistic guarantees the quality and functionality of its multi-activity and multi-customer platforms. The Group is supported in this area by NG Concept, a building engineering company that is part of the FM Group. The two companies develop future platforms together, including location, design and construction, to the most recent standards in eco-construction, safety and security.

A global approach to gain the competitive edge

We use tried and tested methods and technologies to manage units such as full pallets and offer benchmark solutions to each of our target sectors. With ongoing training and commitment, our operational teams are capable of optimizing the added value of our services in the field, with one major objective: to make you more competitive.

A long-term partnership approach

Since its creation, FM Logistic has gained the expertise necessary in warehousing and handling to ensure operational excellence on a daily basis, in the field and as close as possible to your clients. Our quality standards, our monitoring methods and the constant upgrade of our offers are your guarantee of continuously improved services.