Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain

FM Logistic, the group

A Historical player in Europe, FM Logistic is one of the leading service providers in warehousing, transportation and co-packing businesses. Independent and family-owned, the group is recognised as an expert in the consumer goods, retailing, perfume/cosmetics, industrial and health markets.

FM Logistic is present in 14 countries with 27,200 members of staff and 1.318 billion euros in revenue at 31 March 2019. 

FM Logistic is a pioneer in setting up multi-client and multi-activity warehouses that guarantee the flexibility and optimisation of processes and costs. In 1999, FM Logistic brought Warehousing and Co-Packaging activities together under the same umbrella. It helped our clients to optimise operations by clubbing co-packing activities in the same warehouse; FM Logistic is today the European co-packing leader.  We also offer all the transportation needs of our customers in B2B and B2C distribution networks: flexibility, safety, traceability and competitiveness.

Our History

FM Logistic entered the Indian market in 2016 with the acquisition of Spear Logistics. Today, there are more than 4000 employees, with the scope of activities constantly expanding.


About Spear Logistics

Gautam Dembla,
Founder Spear Logistics

"Founded by Uday and me in 2001, Spear values were based on trust and openness with our customers through operational excellence. FM and Spear were thus a perfect match. And now as FM, we continue to deliver value by providing superior performance ensuring a growing loyal customer base."

About FM Logistic

Alexandre Amine Soufiani,
Managing Director FM Logistic India

"FM Logistic India is focused on values centred on team spirit, entrepreneurship, operational excellence, innovation and proximity to our customers.

We expect the future to bring us endless possibilities to evolve. "

The governance body

India management team - people who have reached the heights of the business management, who perfectly know their job, whose task is to take decisions in the interests of the company and to control its development


Top Row (L-R):  Rajesh Tambe: Director - Operations

Centre (L-R): Bipin Kulkarni: Director – Key Accounts, Commercials & VAS, Chandrashekhar Garge: Director - Projects , Alexandre Amine SOUFIANI: Managing Director, Atul Anand: Director - New Initiatives, Real Estate Development & Special Projects, Piyush Kataria: Chief Financial Officer

Bottom Row (L-R): Abhay Nene: Director - Solutions, Veena Dhamankar: Director- Human Resource,  Sachin Shikrapurkar: Director - Sales & Marketing, Milind Paranjape: Director - Transportation


Our Geography

FM Logistic in India runs a chain of warehouse complexes and cross-docking platforms spread across the entire country.


FM Logistic: a company driven by respect for human relations


Key figures

Over the last five years the company's turnover has tripled, personnel number has doubled. We continue to grow and develop despite challenging market conditions.

  • Employees
  • Warehouses
  • Million SFT of warehousing space