You have talent and ambition?

Our offices’ and support teams need you! Come and take part in the development of a world leader in logistics committed to a sustainable future. We are recruiting and training the men and women who will occupy the positions necessary for our expansion tomorrow.

Your career at FM Logistic

  • Meaningful challenges

    Supply chains and logistics play an essential and central role in our economies and societies and in building a more sustainable world.

  • An innovative environment

    We are a company committed to providing a safe environment and improving our working conditions through innovations for the health and well-being of our teams.

  • A team-powered business

    Empowering our teams is our daily mission. We are a global and inclusive community. We are stronger together and we believe that working together is the key to success.

  • Career opportunities

    Our dynamic industry offers many opportunities for learning and real career development through progression or job mobility, with attractive benefits and perks.

  • Excellent employee experience

    Our corporate culture provides invaluable respect and consideration for our employees. As such, all of our hubs have a dedicated team on the ground, from HR to management, to support you every day.

What we offer

  • Mobility

    At FM Logistic, we want to offer a variety of challenges and encourage our employees to take up new opportunities within the group. That is why we have put in place support measures to encourage and promote internal mobility of our employees.

  • Training

    Because we are committed to the development of our employees, we have created our own international corporate university: FM University.

    Fostering operational and managerial excellence, best-in-class customer relationships and innovation: the mission of FM University complements the already comprehensive training programs organized by the training teams in our 14 countries. Whatever your job and career plans, there are international training programs to suit your development opportunities and allow you to work with colleagues from other countries in a rich multicultural group environment. So join our talent pool and be one of the future leaders of FM Logistic!

Still around us? Join us!

  • Why join FM Logistic?

    At FM Logistic, we go above and beyond every day to find creative solutions to the challenges of the rapidly changing supply chain industry.

  • Join our operations

    By joining our warehouses, we offer you the opportunity to develop your skills, to benefit from a management based on respect and consideration and safe working conditions.

  • Start your career

    You have talent and ambition? We need you! Whatever your profile and experience, come and take part in the development of a world leader in logistics committed to a sustainable future.


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