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Involved in solidarity actions for many years, the FM Group created its corporate foundation in 2017 on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.

FM Foundation strengthens the group’s social responsibility by combining the solidarity dynamics of employees and the professionalisation of sponsorship.

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    Projects supported by the Fm Foundation

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    Countries have been involved in actions to help integration or children.

All together for a more inclusive society

FM Foundation supports the actions of FM Group employees in two areas of intervention:


Through projects that enable people in difficulty or on the bangs of society to acquire skills and know-how, to regain self-confidence and to take their full place in society.


Through actions in favor of socially disadvantaged children or those at risk of social exclusion, by improving their living conditions and their opportunities for development and integration.

The mobilisation of the company’s employees through skills sponsorship gives meaning to the actions supported by the foundation, while embodying the company’s values of trust, performance and openness.

The projects supported are carried out in partnership with public-interest organisations whose beneficiaries are located near the Group’s sites, so that these actions have a real local social impact.

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