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Consumer Durables

A consumer product’s life cycle is increasingly determined by the introduction of the next model: from the moment a product is launched, the clock is ticking until the unique features have been copied and price erosion has wiped out the margin. Average ‘Out of Stock’ (OOS) rates of consumer electronics can be as high as 8.5%. Taking into account that, when faced with OOS products, 50-70% of consumers either buy a competitive product or leave the store empty-handed, the efficiency of the supply chain is key to profit maximisation.


FM Logistic has considerable experience in facilitating consumer product logistics as well as reverse logistics programmes for major consumer electronics manufacturers. Thanks to our extensive experience of handling consumer goods for major FMCD manufacturers in India. We can guarantee faster fulfilment in the warehouse and faster movement to market. We also understand extremely high skews and seasonality of your demands and align ourselves accordingly so that you don’t have to pay the same cost of the peak during your non-peak period.

Some of the key services we offer:

  • Experience of handling large DC with very high throughput
  • Short turnaround time
  • Added-value services
  • Efficient Cross Docking