The 10 benefits of green hydrogen in logistics

The decarbonization of the planet is one of the objectives, which countries around the world have set for 2050, where Spain is a powerful front-runner.

On May 11, 2022

In the recent years, green hydrogen is being discussed and promoted, as an alternative to the polluting fossil fuels, in order to decarbonize the logistics and industrial sector, and offers  a gamut of sustainable benefits at the domestic level.

Spain is a power, that stands out in the field of renewable energies, which is why it could become an exporter of green hydrogen, and thus abandon the energy dependence on other countries.

Green hydrogen has many economic and environmental benefits. In the logistics sector we highlight:

  • In comparison to the battery-only vehicles, we understand improvements in sustainability, operation and safety, through the reduction of batteries (lower weight and environmental impact of their life cycle) and the elimination of electric charging, from the need for recharging infrastructure.
  • Elimination of environmentally polluting gases such as those produced by diesel or gasoline.
  • Ability to decarbonize transportation, a sector hitherto considered “difficult to abate”, in terms of combating climate change.
  • Reduction of refueling time, which translates to about one minute for forklifts, and a few minutes for vans and trucks.
  • Sufficient autonomy – For instance, hydrogen fuel cells in forklifts have a range of 8-10 hours, which is equivalent to more than a working day; vans can have ranges of more than 400km. Greener vehicles, with longer ranges, are being developed.
  • Greener, because the origin of the energy to produce hydrogen from renewable sources, such as solar panels, is known and can be certified.
  • In addition to renewable energy, the only raw material in a green hydrogen plant is water (H2O), a low-cost renewable resource, whose cycle is not altered.
  • Increased safety for personnel : Hydrogen is not harmful to workers, unlike, for example, the lead-acid batteries used in most warehouses, which have the potential to leak acid, a chemical compound hazardous to warehouse personnel and the environment. It is also less hazardous than other fuels such as gasoline.
  • Ease of storage: It can be used later for other purposes, and at times other than their production.
  • The enhancement of green energy and technological independence of Spain, and the European Union, through the sustainable development of a sector, that creates jobs and technology, while reducing dependence on fossil fuels in which we are highly deficient.

The decarbonization of the planet is one of the objectives, which countries around the world have set for 2050, and green hydrogen proves to be one of the most effective solutions aligned to this purpose.

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