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Our Overland Transport Solutions

As a trusted logistics expert, FM Logistic provides efficient security and support to your supply chain. We offer multimodal and land transport solutions and associated contract logistics. Your company benefits from domestic and cross-border land transport, road and rail transport services, as well as customs clearance, on-site logistics and physical flow management:

  • Our road transport and road freight solutions offer high quality of transportation. From standard services such as delivery shuttles, long-haul transportation, Less-than-truck Load (LTL) or Full-Truck Load (FTL) shipments to temperature-controlled and highly secured transports or specific services related to warehousing activities such as pooling, we provide solutions to meet your needs. Our services focus on inbound transportation as well as outbound distribution to better meet customer needs.
  • Our rail transport solutions offer secure, reliable and environmentally friendly freight transport by rail, either across Europe or connecting Europe and Asia, westbound and eastbound, in LCL (Less-than-Container Load) or FCL (Full-Container Load).

Our expert teams leverage both global knowledge and local expertise to deliver the benefits of operational excellence to our customers. Whatever type of goods you wish to ship, you can be confident that they will arrive safely, on time and in good condition. Our overland transport services give your company a real competitive edge while optimising costs and contributing to a more sustainable supply chain.

Let’s act to reduce transport carbon footprint

In the 2000s, FM Logistic teams developed a solution for mutualised logistics and transport processes to reduce the number of trucks on the road: pooling.
Today, for instance, our 6 French pools enable us to reduce the number of trucks on our roads by 10,958 per year, which represents a 30% saving in CO2.

Our solutions to support you

  • Advanced transport bundle solution

    As part of our groupage services, we deliver general cargo shipments from 1 to 33 pallets, allowing the customer to pay only for the space used rather than the entire truck. We collect and deliver shipments to the specified destinations and times. Groupage goods can be varied, as can small and irregular load sizes. Collection points can also be dispersed. We therefore tailor overland transport solutions to individual needs. In short, groupage consists of bundling the deliveries of different suppliers on a common route, thus reducing costs, environmental impacts and increasing frequencies.

    As an experienced logistics and freight provider, we have the necessary expertise in overland transport services and cost optimisation. Our flexible communication tools ensure a clear web portal and customer interfaces. All this, together with the support of our operational team, enables us to meet the most sophisticated road and rail transport needs of our customers and to provide tailor-made offers.

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  • Our reliable and scalable overland transport solutions for the Silk Road

    We provide multimodal transport and land transport services (rail and road) operated to create a transcontinental link between China to Europe through Russia, called the Multimodal Silk Road.

    Whatever the logistics needs of your company and your customers, we meet them in a reliable, efficient, safe and environmentally friendly way. The Silk Road is the perfect balance between cost and lead time.
    We provide frequency with 2 departures per week and secure connections to and from over 32 cities in Europe and over 40 cities in China.

    Main routes and delivery times :

    • Chongqing – Moscow 20 days
    • Chongqing – Malaszewicze 19 days
    • Chongqing – Duisburg 20 days
    • Hanoi – Moscow 22 days
    • Hanoi – Paris 24 days
    • Hanoi – Madrid 28 days

    All your products, from Bulk (liquid and solid), machinery, fireworks, health’s products to luxury’s through ADR (Agreement of International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) goods… can be shipped. Reduce your costs and delivery times to and from Asia and Europe with a sustainable solution designed to generate positive impacts.

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  • Long term reliable partnership with international and local transport companies

    At FM Logistic, we want the best for our customers. That’s why we work with several reliable subcontractors. They benefit from a solid program, based on regular training and updates on our FM policy and customer specifics. We organise regular audits and tests to measure and implement an improvement programme if necessary. We work closely with our preferred partners, on average for 6 years, helping them to develop and improve their services.

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Our overland transport solutions help you maintain your competitive edge

Do you want to optimise your overland transport operations? Contact us and we will find the perfect solutions to your overland transport needs!

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